With Obsidian Flames creeping up on us, going heavily under the radar thanks to The Pokemon Company and their focus on the 151 set, the hype for Obsidian Flames seems to be quite low. However, some cards are starting to get revealed. So lets take a look at them!

Pokemon EX

Lets start with some of the revealed Pokemon EX cards. With Eiscue EX being a fire type. We know there are a lot more type shifts coming in this set, such as Charizard being a dark type and Tyranitar being Lightning type. Hopefully there will be even more fun type switches!

Regular Pokemon

Not many regular Pokemon have been revealed yet, and nothing that exciting has happened from what has been shown. None the less, here is what weve seen.

Thats all for now. You can keep an eye on any new reveals on our Obsidian Flames Card List page which gets updated as soon as we find new cards.

Dont forget the pre-release for this set starts 2 weeks before the release date of 11th August 2023, where you can get an early few packs and promos!