The full set has been known since the Build & Battle Pre-Release event a few weeks prior to release, but now with the card images being revealed, we can finally see how awesome this set is going to be. With the main set being 193 cards, and full set of 279 cards, that's an awful lot of secret cards to find!

As for the cards that are higher than regular rares, here is what we have

  • 17 Double Rare Cards (2 Black Stars - Regular Pokemon EX)
  • 35 Illustration Rare Cards (1 Gold Star)
  • 25 Ultra Rare Cards (2 Stars)
  • 15 Special Illustration Rare Cards (2 Gold Stars)
  • 9 Hyper Rare Cards (3 Gold Stars)

A selection of cards we personally love

The full set of Paldea Evolved cards are ready to add to your collection.

Good luck with your packs! Let us know which cards you are chasing from the set over on our twitter @pikawiz